From reservation to return | Toyota Rental & Lease Shin-Osaka
If you're looking to rent a vehicle in Osaka, come to Toyota Rental Shin-Osaka. Convenient for use around the Kansai International Airport and Itami Airport. We provide free estimates for vehicle leases.

From reservation to return | Toyota Rental & Lease Shin-Osaka

Toyota Rental  & Lease Shin-Osaka Reservation Center
Tellfree within Japan 0800-7000-815

From reservation to return

1. Reservations

You can use our internet
for easy reservation.
We will ask the following information when you make a reservation.
  • Time and date: departure date and time, return date and time
  • Shop: departure shop, vehicle return shop
  • Desired model: car name, class, options
  • Customer information: your name, your contact information

2. Please come to the shop where you want to rent a car

  • Please come to the shop at the reserved time.
  • When you arrive at the shop, please tell your reservation details to the shop staff.
  • Do not forget to bring the following with you to the shop.
  • Driver's license (All those who are driving)
  • Credit card (Your card will be charged for the reserved amount before you leave our shop)
  • * If you have paid on the web, you will not be asked to present your credit card at our shop.
  • If you are paying by cash, you will be asked to present a piece of ID (other than your credit card).

■About payment options
If using a vehicle class Standard Plus,W1-W4,SP1,SP2,SUV2-SUV3,Luxury,LEXUS only payment via credit card is accepted.
In principle, we also request payment via credit card for vehicle classes other than. Standard Plus,W1-W4,SP1,SP2,SUV2-SUV3,Luxury,LEXUS.
For cash payments
We will confirm either (1) or (2) below.
(1) Validity of customer's credit card. (2) Request submission of documents verifying customer's current address or identify.
[Current address/identify confirmation documents]: One of the following.
●Utility bill (electricity, gas, water, NTT fixed land line, NHK) receipt* ●Social insurance payment receipt*
●Federal/city tax payment receipt* ●Certificate of tax payment* ●Residence Registry* ●Certification of seal* ●Health insurance card
●Pension book ●Residents Registry Card (containing name, date of birth, address),
●Passport, ●Foreign resident's card, ●Company ID / student ID (photo ID)
●Rental car members card (FDC TS CUBIC CARD, FDC CARD, TRBM CARD, BCC)
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
*Limited to those issued within the last two months

3. We will create a rental car agreement.

Sign your name after confirming the detail, and then, prepay the estimated amount.

4. We will ask you to confirm the presence or absence of scratches and dents.

Please confirm the presence or absence of scratches and dents together with the shop staff.

5. How to operate the car and depart from the shop.

Adjust the seat and mirror, and make sure to wear a seat belt. Please drive safely.

6. Please return the car with a full tank.

  • Please refuel at the nearest gas station before returning.
  • (When you cannot return the car with a full tank, we will charge fuel costs based on driving distance.)
  • Please note that extensions of contract term will be subject to a separate penalty.
  • (Please note that we will charge a separate penalty if you exceed the contract time without contacting us.)
  • Once you arrive at the shop, the shop staff will confirm the presence or absence of cracks and dents, and we will settle payments based on usage time.
  • Please be careful not to leave any personal items in the vehicle.