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Drive map | Toyota Rental & Lease Shin-Osaka

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Drive map

Tourism and leisure itineraries starting out of Osaka, recommended by Toyota Rental Lease & Shin-Osaka.

Koyasan, Wakayama

Koyasan is a town in the mountains that was established by Kukai. This route takes you through lush, mind-soothing forests and world heritage sites where there are many things to see.

Total driving distance:180 km

Total driving time: 3hr 50min

[Depart from the Kansai international Airport shop]
We are a short walk away from Terminal 1, adjacent to the Aero Plaza and Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport in Izumisano-shi.
Kansai Airport Shop
Time of the display is an estimate only. Day of the week, will vary by time zone.
Photo courtesy of Wakayama Prefecture
Kansai International Airport
General road 36km about 28 minutes
Wakayama IC
Wado Osaka 29km about 23 minutes
Kishiwada Izumi IC
General road: 40km about 1 hour
This temple is located at the front approach to Koyasan, and is also known as the women's Koyasan where women can made their connection with buddha.
The temple is referred to in this way because Kukai's mother lived here as women were not allowed into Koyasan.

General road: 23km about 40 minutes
Nio Guardians stand guard at Koyasan's main gate. This is the entrance of Koyasan and is designated an important cultural property.

General road 1km about 1 minute
Kongobuji temple
Koyasan is the head temple of the 3,600-plus temples of the Koyasan Shingon sect. Its well-maintained garden is designated a national historic site.
In addition, it owns many famous diboric also as a historical work of art.

Kongobuji temple
General road: 2km about 4 minutes
Oku no In
This is Koyasan's most holy area where the mausoleum of Kobo Daishi stands. Here you will also find the tombs of prominent war lords such as Oda Nobunaga and Takeda Shingen.

Oku no In
28 kilometers or about 41 minutes on the Koya-Ryujin Skyline.
Tanabe-shi Ryujin Gomasan Sky Tower
This 33-meter tower stands near the summit of Gomadanzan, and offers visitors a breathtaking panorama.

General road: 21km about 33 minutes
Ryujin hot springs wellhead
This is a modern communal bath housed in a 3-story building. This is the only bath at Ryujin hot springs that is being constantly replenished with flowing hot water from the wellhead.
We recommend the resort's stone-lined open-air baths that are built in a natural setting.

Ryujin hot springs wellhead