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Drive map | Toyota Rental & Lease Shin-Osaka

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Drive map

Tourism and leisure itineraries starting out of Osaka, recommended by Toyota Rental Lease & Shin-Osaka.


After doing a ninja experience, it's satisfied with Ise-jingu and a favor alley necessary to Ise-shima drive and is a route aiming at symbol Meotoiwa in Ise-shima from sea coast route.

Total driving distance: 288.4km

Total driving time: 5hr 5min

[From Kansai international Airport store]
We are a short walk away from Terminal 1, adjacent to the Aero Plaza and Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport in Izumisano-shi.
Kansai Airport Shop
Time of the display is an estimate only. Day of the week, will vary by time zone.
Photo courtesy of Mie-ken
Kansai International Airport
Hanshin Expressway
Nishimeihan Expressway
Meihan Expressway
112.6km About 1 hour and 41 minutes.
Uenohigashi IC
General road: 2.1km for about 6 minutes
Ninja MUSEUM of Igaryu
The Ninja MUSEUM of Igaryu - with its Igaryu Ninja House, Ninja Experience Hall, and Ninja Tradition Hall - is a museum that features things to see as well as enjoy hands-on. The Ninja Shows held at the Ninja Experience Area are also highly recommended.

Ninja MUSEUM of Igaryu
Iga Ueno Castle
At 30 meters tall, the taka-ishigaki (tall stone walls) are the tallest in Japan. These walls were featured in location shots in Akira Kurosawa's film "Kagemusha" and are also often used to shoot TV series.

Iga Ueno Castle
Castle town
This charming town is zoned into square blocks and is considered to be one of the "Small Kyotos." Here you will find many shops that offer traditional Japanese sweets.

General road
Meihan national highway
42.5km for about 49 minutes
Ise Expressway 71.1km for about 53 minutes.
And don't forget to check out the parking areas and service areas along the way!
Ureshino PA
A treat for your eyes and palate! The jumbo takoyaki has been featured on TV shows too!
And don't forget to check out the parking areas and service areas along the way!
Ano SA
This area features a rich selection of specialty restaurants including "Kadota Shoten featuring tsukemen and chukasoba" and "Ippudo Ramen Collection" both based on themes developed by "Hakata Ipudo."
Enjoy a variety of take-out foods including "Ise Udon ga bread," "Ise Shoyu soft ice cream" which is ice cream flavored with Ise soy sauce, and "Matsuzaka beef croquette" a regional favorite.
Ise-nishi IC
General road: 2.5km for about 7 minutes
Ise Jingu
Ise Jingu shrine, which has a place in many Japanese hearts, has a long tradition and history, and is also know as one of the most prominent power spots in Japan. The customary way of visiting the shrine is to visit the Geku (outer shrine) first and then the Naiku (inner shrine).
Stroll through Okage Yokocho situated along the road to the shrine, and enjoy the bustle of an Ise pilgrimage at retro-styled shops, many of which feature a variety of delicacies.

Ise Jingu
General road: 24.9km for about 37 minutes
Shima Marine Land
In addition to its donut-shaped tank which is home to over 2,500 fish belonging to over 50 species, Shima Marine Land is packed with many attractions including its popular sunfish pavilion and penguin island.

Shima Marine Land
General road: 23.7km for about 37 minutes
Mikimoto Pearl Island
This "island of pearls," is located in Toba bay, and features a Pearl Musuem, fishing demonstrations by ama (dive fisherwomen),
and a memorial museum dedicated to Kokichi Mikimoto who was the first person to successfully farm pearls.

Mikimoto Pearl Island
General road: 9.0km for about 15 minutes
Meoto Iwa (wife and husband rock)
The rock gets its name for its shape which resembles a wife and husband couple standing close together.
This site is especially famous for its sunrises.

Meoto Iwa (wife and husband rock)
Toba Aquarium
This is one of the largest aquariums in Japan with over 30,000 marine and fresh water lifeforms belonging to about 1,200 species housed in its 240-meter long facility and a total view walk distance of about 1.5 kilometers. The building is divided into 12 zones where visitors can see the only specimens of dugong in Japan, as well as sea otters and finless porpoises. Its popular walrus and sea lion shows are held daily.

Toba Aquarium
Toba Aquarium
Toba Aquarium