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Drive map

Tourism and leisure itineraries starting out of Osaka, recommended by Toyota Rental Lease & Shin-Osaka.


Nara, ancient capital of Japan, is home to world heritage sites that are must-see gems. This route will also take you through natural surroundings where you can enjoy all that each season has to offer.

Total driving distance: 96.1km

Total driving time: 2hr 8min

[Depart from the Kansai International Airport shop]
We are a short walk away from Terminal 1, adjacent to the Aero Plaza and Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport in Izumisano-shi.
Kansai Airport Shop
Time of the display is an estimate only. Day of the week, will vary by time zone.
Photos courtesy of Nara City Tourist Association.
Kansai International Airport
Hanshin Expressway
Hanwa Expressway
Nishimeihan Expressway
69.2km for about 59 minutes
Koriyama IC
General road: 7.4km for about 14 minutes
Yakushiji temple
This temple was built by request of emperor Tenmu as a prayer for his empress to heal from a serious illness. The temple is a registered UNESCO world heritage site.
The east tower is the original tower that was built at the time and has been designated a national treasure. The tower is currently undergoing major repairs which will be completed in 2018.
*Special attention is required when entering your navigation information.
Yakushiji temple (Bansho Teien [guard house garden])
General road: 4km for about 9 minutes
Nara Palace Site
These ruins date back from the pinnacle of this ancient capital's glory during the 74 years of the Nara period. The Suzakumon gate, First Daigokuden (imperial audience hall)、Toin Teien garden have been rebuilt on this large site and have been designated a world heritage.

Nara Palace Site
General road: 1.9km for about 5 minutes
Umemori sushi school
Fun to make, and great to eat. Experience how to prepare authentic Umemori sushi, Japan Airline's choice of sushi for its first class passengers.
The list of dishes also includes side dishes such as mini udon noodles. Reservation required.
General road: 3.6km for about 10 minutes
Nara Park
This park is home to about 1,100 deer. You can also enjoy areas by the water such as by Sarusawa-no-Ike pond and Ukimido, as well as restaurants and tea shops.

Nara Park
Todaiji temple
Todaiji is the home of the "Great Buddha of Nara" which all visitors to Nara consider a must-visit destination. You will be blown away at the scale of this effigy.

Todaiji temple
Kasugataisha shrine
Home to a beautiful shrine pavilion colored in bright red, this is the head shrine of all of the 3,000 Kasuga shrines nationwide. The 3,000 lanterns and Sunazuri-no-Fuji (wisteria flowers touching the ground) on the shrine's premises are also a sight to behold.
The approximately 2,000 moss-covered stone lanterns that line the approach to the shrine make for a captivating sight that will take you away from the bustle of the city.

Kasugataisha shrine
General road
Way of drive in Nara Okuyama
5km for about 15 minutes
Covered by a carpet of grass, this mountain is reminiscent of hills in highland areas. Climb to the top to enjoy amazing views. It is also widely known for the mountain-burning event that is performed in January.

Way of drive in Nara Okuyama
3km for about 10 minutes
Kasugayama-ekkutsu-butsu (stone cavern buddha)
In this little enclave in the wild forest of Kasugayama, you will find about 20 stone buddha statues, which are also referred to as "Anabotoke" or "buddhas in a hole.

Kasugayama-ekkutsu-butsu (stone cavern buddha)
Way of drive in Nara Okuyama
2km for about 6 minutes
Mt. Takamadoyama
This is a breathtaking view point on the "Takamadoyama Course" (Closed to traffic after 18:30) which offers amazing late afternoon views.

Mt. Takamadoyama