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Drive map | Toyota Rental & Lease Shin-Osaka

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Drive map

Tourism and leisure itineraries starting out of Osaka, recommended by Toyota Rental Lease & Shin-Osaka.


This route takes you through Kibiji, a region that evokes ancient sentiments; and the romantic streets of the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter. The stalactite cave at the end of the route is sure to soothe your mind with its otherworldly sights.

Total driving distance: 359.7km

Total driving time: 6hr 12min

[From Kansai international Airport store]
We are a short walk away from Terminal 1, adjacent to the Aero Plaza and Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport in Izumisano-shi.
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Photos courtesy of Okayama Prefecture
Kansai International Airport
Hanshin Expressway
Hanwa Expressway
Kinki Expressway
Chugoku Expressway
San-yo Expressway
241 km About 2 hours and 56 minutes
Okayama IC
General road: 6.4km for about 14 minutes
Kibitsuhiko shrine
This shrine enshrines Kibitsuhiko-no-mikoto, and remains standing in its original form from three centuries ago. Things to see here include the Mishima garden with its ancient style design,
as well as one of the tallest stone lanterns in the country.

as well as one of the tallest stone lanterns in the country.
General road: 2.8km for about 7 minutes
Kibitsujinja shrine
The shrine is a designated national treasure, and enshrines Kibitsuhiko-no-mikoto on whom the children's story Momotaro is said to have been based on.

Kibitsujinja shrine Kibitsujinja shrine
General road: 7.1km for about 16 minutes
Bitchu Kokubunji temple
This is one of the kokubunji (provincial monasteries) built by imperial request of emperor Shomu during the Nara period, and its five-story pagoda is a designated important cultural property.

Bitchu Kokubunji temple
General road: 10.1km for about 25 minutes
Storage charge esthetic area
This area is designated an Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings. Here you can find kura (storehouses) and machiya (merchant's houses) lining the streets along Kurashiki river. This townscape with its buildings of attractive white walls is well worth the visit.

Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter
General road: 53.1km About 1 hour and 8 minutes.
Bitchu Matsuyama castle
The castle's tower, which stands at an elevation of 430 meters near the summit of Mt. Gagyuzan, is a designated cultural property. Of the castles in Japan that still retain their towers, this castle is situated at the highest elevation.

Bitchu Matsuyama castle
General road: 24.7km for about 41 minutes
Ikurado cave
This underground world located in the Ikura ravine is famous for its dynamic features that were created by the waters of the Takahashi river. It is one of the three largest stalactite caves of Japan and is a designated natural treasure of Okayama prefecture.
With a total length of 1,200 meters and a 90 meter height difference, the stalactite cave is second in size in western Japan only to Askiyoshido cave, and its grandeur is truly amazing.

Ikurado cave
General road: 14.5km for about 25 minutes
Makido cave
This stalactite cave is 450 meters long and an underground lake can be found at its far end. Often referred to as a cave museum for the amazing variety of its features, this cave will give you a mind-soothing experience and make you forget the passage of time.

Makido cave