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Drive map | Toyota Rental & Lease Shin-Osaka

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Drive map

Tourism and leisure itineraries starting out of Osaka, recommended by Toyota Rental Lease & Shin-Osaka.

Shirahama, Wakayama

This route will take you through Shirahama hot springs, a major hot springs area where you can enjoy leisure activities and the sea. Drive down the seaside to Shiono point at Kushimotocho, the southern most point of Honshu, and to the Shirahama Adventure World, a must-visit destination if you are in the Shirahama area.

Total driving distance: 140.8km

Total driving time: 2hr 48min

[Depart from the Kansai international Airport shop]
We are a short walk away from Terminal 1, adjacent to the Aero Plaza and Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport in Izumisano-shi.
Kansai Airport Shop
Times shown are for reference purposes only, and will vary depending on the day of the week and the time of day.
Photos courtesy of Wakayama prefecture
Kansai International Airport
36km for about 28 minutes
Wakayama IC
Regular roadways: 12.2 kilometers
About 28 minutes
This scenic destination treats visitors to a view of the Kitan strait, known as the home of the Saikato clan who fought against Oda Nobunaga.
View spots include the Bansho Teien (guard house garden) and the "nose" of the guard house that overlooks the sea.

Saikasaki (Bansho Teien)
Regular roadways: 5km for about 13 minutes
Kishu Toshogu shrine
This beautifull shrine is popular as the Nikko of Kansai. Enjoy the vista of Wakanoura from the hillside of Gongenyama.
The main shrine painted in red is a typical building of Toshogu Shrine style.

Kishu Toshogu shrine
Regular roadways: 6.3km for about 13 minutes
Wakayama Marina City
Porto Europe
This theme park in Marina City is modeled after a nondescript European port town and features many attractions.
Kuroshio market
The seafood market offers a huge selection of fresh, in-season seafood. Enjoy its many restaurants where you can feast on seafood gourmet, the daily tuna cutting show, and the seaside kitchen where you can enjoy a BBQ by the sea.
Wakayama Marina City
Regular roadways: 5.7km for about 11 minutes
Hainan IC
57.4km for about 45 minutes
And don't forget to check out the parking areas and service areas along the way!
Kibi Yuasa SA
This is a small parking area based on a southern Kishu theme.
And don't forget to check out the parking areas and service areas along the way!
Inami SA
Their panda rusks and caramel rusks are very popular.
Nanki Tanabe IC
11.2km for about 17 minutes
Tore Tore Ichiba (market)
Seafood sent direct from fishing ports around the country, locally grown fresh vegetables, regional specialty crafts, and souvenirs
It gathered the grace of Kishu together. It is also possible to taste the freshness of the preeminent seafood bowl products and the like.

Tore Tore Ichiba (market)
Regular roadways: 5.6km for about 14 minutes
This 50-meter cliff spans north to south for 2 kilometers.
You can walk down to the Sandanbeki caves 36 meters below ground level.

Regular roadways: 1.1km for about 6 minutes
Magnificent view which is encroached on by the raging wave it washes, and is seen as big tatami of the rock which also piled tatami on how many layers?
Surprisingly, the sunset seen from here is also wonderful.

Regular roadways: 4.3km for about 14 minutes
This island, one of the iconic symbols of Shirahama, stands in the water at the center of a wave-eroded cave.

Regular roadways: about 10 minutes
Shirahama hot spring
Counted as one of the three ancient hot springs of Japan, this hot spring resort is one of the best in Kansai.

Shirahama hot spring
Adventure World
We recommend that you spend a night at Shirahama and visit the Adventure World the next day.
The 80,000 sqm park features a variety of different zones including a safari and an amusement park. Here you can meet the largest family of pandas in Japan, take a tour on the double-decked sky bus to explore the safari world, or a jeep safari tour to view a variety of animals up close. The park also features an amusement park so there is plenty to do for young and old.

Adventure World