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If accident occurs | Toyota Rent a Car Shin-Osaka

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If accident occurs

All accidents must be reported to the police, whether they are serious physical injury accidents or just minor accidents (such as a scraped headlight, or stripped paint from a bumper scrape). If you are involved ,in an accident, immediately stop your vehicle. If someone is injured take action as described in steps 1 to 3. For all other property damage accidents, take action as described in steps 2 and 3.

Aid the injured. (Call 119.)

First, give aid to anyone who is injured. After that, quickly move the rental car to a location where it will not obstruct traffic.

Contact the police from the scene. (Call 110.)

Both the person at fault and victim are obligated to report to the police. An accident certificate will be required at a later date, so take the steps necessary for that as well. If you fail to report an accident to the police, a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) cannot be applied. Be sure that an NOC is issued.

Contact the car rental agency (company) from the scene.

Referring to the car rental agreement, contact the agency's customer service representative. Please note that for accurate information exchange, this may take a little time.